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MacRieve - Kresley Cole worst Kresley Cole book ever :SRight now I'm sad and disappointed, this IAD series is one of my fav series, and it saddens me to no end to read this book.Maybe the author is writing to many books a year and the sloppy and lazy feel on this one is just the consequence of that...The characters are flat, not remotely interesting. Macrieve is an oaf and Chloe leaves her dreams so easily for a man that mistreats her like him. Sorry I just cannot accept that. The motive that made me come back to KC books was the awesome and strong female characters that fend for themselves, the last books are always about the men and this last one female character was just so meh. Had potential but KC just didn't bother to grab it. :S If Chloe was that feisty she would have kicked Macrieve on the family jewels over and over again to beat sense into him.